About us

After years of diving in the Mediterranean sea and teaching hundreds of people the wonders of the sea environment of Estepona, the idea arose to teach the whole world these landscapes and the marine life that we see  during each dive. This is how our Catamaran Submarine Vision , which we have baptized as “BuceoEstepona.com”, was born with the intention of ensuring that all our visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the sealife.

Catamaran Submarine Vision is the third company in the BuceoEstepona.com group and has experienced professionals in the sea, both on the ship and under the surface.

This activity is the only one in Spain and arrives in Estepona for the enjoyment of all

The main Staff:

Arturo Medel :    

General Manager in the group BuceoEstepona.com boat skipper, E.F.R. instructor and Divemaster PADI

 Macarena Real :  

General Director, Administrator, boat skipper and advanced diver.

 Sergio Bull√≥n :   

Head of marketing and online services, boat skipper, PADI Diving Instructor OWSI, first aid instructor E.F.R. and diving guide.

 Daniela Russiano :    

Head for courses, boat skipper, PADI Master Instructor MSDT, instructor E.F.R. and dive guide.